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Characterisation of the protein expression of the emerging immunotherapy targets VISTA, LAG-3 and PRAME in primary uveal melanoma: insights from a southern French patient cohort.

Lamas NJ, Lassalle S, Martel A, Nahon-Estève S, Macocco A, Zahaf K, Lalvee S, Fayada J, Lespinet-Fabre V, Bordone O, Pedeutour F, Baillif S, Hofman P.

2023 DEC;55(7):929-944

Manipulating the gut and tumor microbiota for immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy: from dream to reality.
Trends Mol Med

Guillot N, Roméo B, Manesh SS, Milano G, Brest P, Zitvogel L, Hofman P, Mograbi B.

2023 NOV;29(11):897-911

Optimizing tissue stewardship in non-small cell lung cancer to support molecular characterization and treatment selection: statement from a working group of thoracic pathologists.

Kerr KM, Bubendorf L, Lopez-Rios F, Khalil F, Roy-Chowdhuri S, Joubert P, Hartmann A, Guerini-Rocco E, Yatabe Y, Hofman P, Cooper WA, Dacic S.


2023 NOV 13

c-Met immunohistochemistry as reflex test at diagnosis for non-small cell lung cancer: a real-world experience from a monocentric case series.
J Clin Pathol

Bontoux C, Hofman V, Abboute M, Lespinet-Fabre V, Lalvée S, Goffinet S, Bordone O, Long-Mira E, Lassalle S, Murcy F, Rignol G, Heeke S, Ilie M, Hofman P.

2023 NOV 8:jcp-2023-209202

Checkpoint inhibitors and anti-angiogenic agents: a winning combination.
Br J Cancer

Brest P, Mograbi B, Pagès G, Hofman P, Milano G.

2023 OCT;129(9):1367-1372

Real-world EGFR testing practices for non-small-cell lung cancer by thoracic pathology laboratories across Europe.

Hofman P, Calabrese F, Kern I, Adam J, Alarcão A, Alborelli I, Anton NT, Arndt A, Avdalyan A, Barberis M, Bégueret H, Bisig B, Blons H, Boström P, Brcic L, Bubanovic G, Buisson A, Caliò A, Cannone M, Carvalho L, Caumont C, Cayre A, Chalabreysse L, Chenard MP, Conde E, Copin MC, Côté JF, D'Haene N, Dai HY, de Leval L, Delongova P, Den?i?-Fekete M, Fabre A, Ferenc F, Forest F, de Fraipont F, Garcia-Martos M, Gauchotte G, Geraghty R, Guerin E, Guerrero D, Hernandez S, Hurník P, Jean-Jacques B, Kashofer K, Kazdal D, Lantuejoul S, Leonce C, Lupo A, Malapelle U, Matej R, Merlin JL, Mertz KD, Morel A, Mutka A, Normanno N, Ovidiu P, Panizo A, Papotti MG, Parobkova E, Pasello G, Pauwels P, Pelosi G, Penault-Llorca F, Picot T, Piton N, Pittaro A, Planchard G, Poté N, Radonic T, Rapa I, Rappa A, Roma C, Rot M, Sabourin JC, Salmon I, Prince SS, Scarpa A, Schuuring E, Serre I, Siozopoulou V, Sizaret D, Smojver-Ježek S, Solassol J, Steinestel K, Stojši? J, Syrykh C, Timofeev S, Troncone G, Uguen A, Valmary-Degano S, Vigier A, Volante M, Wahl SGF, Stenzinger A, Ilié M.

2023 OCT;8(5):101628

Current challenges and practical aspects of molecular pathology for non-small cell lung cancers.
Virchows Arch

Hofman P, Berezowska S, Kazdal D, Mograbi B, Ilié M, Stenzinger A, Hofman V.

2023 OCT 6

European Real-World Assessment of the Clinical Validity of a CE-IVD Panel for Ultra-Fast Next-Generation Sequencing in Solid Tumors.
Int J Mol Sci

Normanno N, Machado JC, Pescarmona E, Buglioni S, Navarro L, Esposito Abate R, Ferro A, Mensink R, Lambiase M, Lespinet-Fabre V, Calgua B, Jermann PM, Ilié M, Hofman P.

2023 SEP 7;24(18):13788

The prognostic value of TMB in early-stage non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Ther Adv Med Oncol

Wankhede D, Grover S, Hofman P.

2023 AUG 31;15:17588359231195199

Lack of correlation between MET and PD-L1 expression in non-small cell lung cancer revealed by comparative study of matched biopsies and surgical resection samples.
Lung Cancer

Ilié M, Hofman V, Bontoux C, Goffinet S, Benzaquen J, Heeke S, Boutros J, Lassalle S, Long-Mira E, Zahaf K, Lalvée S, Lespinet-Fabre V, Bordone O, Tanga V, Gómez-Caro A, Cohen C, Berthet JP, Marquette CH, Hofman P.

2023 JUL;181:107230

The significance of co-mutations in EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancer: Optimizing the efficacy of targeted therapies?
Lung Cancer

Pezzuto F, Hofman V, Bontoux C, Fortarezza F, Lunardi F, Calabrese F, Hofman P.

2023 JUL;181:107249

Assessment of Different Circulating Tumor Cell Platforms for Uveal Melanoma: Potential Impact for Future Routine Clinical Practice.
Int J Mol Sci

Martel A, Mograbi B, Romeo B, Gastaud L, Lalvee S, Zahaf K, Fayada J, Nahon-Esteve S, Bonnetaud C, Salah M, Tanga V, Baillif S, Bertolotto C, Lassalle S, Hofman P.

2023 JUL 4;24(13):11075

The Need to Set up a Biobank Dedicated to Lymphoid Malignancies: Experience of a Single Center (Laboratory of Clinical and Experimental Pathology, University Côte d'Azur, Nice, France).
J Pers Med

Bontoux C, Marcovich A, Goffinet S, Pesce F, Tanga V, Bohly D, Salah M, Washetine K, Messaoudi Z, Felix JM, Bonnetaud C, Wang L, Menon G, Berthet JP, Cohen C, Benzaquen J, Marquette CH, Lassalle S, Long-Mira E, Hofman V, Xerri L, Ilié M, Hofman P.

2023 JUN 29;13(7):1076

KRAS and NRAS Translation Is Increased upon MEK Inhibitors-Induced Processing Bodies Dissolution.
Cancers (Basel)

Vidal-Cruchez O, Nicolini VJ, Rete T, Jacquet K, Rezzonico R, Lacoux C, Domdom MA, Roméo B, Roux J, Hubstenberger A, Mari B, Mograbi B, Hofman P, Brest P.

2023 JUN 6;15(12):3078

Cholesterol efflux pathways hinder KRAS-driven lung tumor progenitor cell expansion.
Cell Stem Cell

Guilbaud E, Barouillet T, Ilie M, Borowczyk C, Ivanov S, Sarrazy V, Vaillant N, Ayrault M, Castiglione A, Rignol G, Brest P, Bazioti V, Zaitsev K, Lebrigand K, Dussaud S, Magnone V, Bertolotto C, Marchetti S, Irondelle M, Goldberg I, Huby T, Westerterp M, Gautier EL, Mari B, Barbry P, Hofman P, Yvan-Charvet L.

2023 JUN 1;30(6):800-817.e9

MS-CLAM: Mixed supervision for the classification and localization of tumors in Whole Slide Images.
Med Image Anal

Tourniaire P, Ilie M, Hofman P, Ayache N, Delingette H.


2023 APR;85:102763

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