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The Biobank Côte d’Azur

for excellence and reliability

The Biobank Côte d’Azur is integrated into the Laboratory of Clinical and Experimental Pathology (LPCE). It was established in 2004 at the Nice University Hospital Campus.

The Biobank Côte d’Azur is a national and international health resource for unparalleled research opportunities and is open to all bona fide health researchers, including academic and industry collaborators.

Our biobank is ranked the 1ST LUNG BIOBANK IN FRANCE based on ratio between the number of samples to the number of publications (Source: French National Institute of Cancer, INCa 2015).

The main collections of the Biobank Côte d’Azur are focused on different tumor and non-tumor thoracic, thyroid and head and neck diseases, as well as melanoma.
These collections include both tissue samples (frozen, FFPE) and biological fluids (plasma, serum, urine).

The Biobank has been certified according to the specific S96-900 norm since 2010 and the LPCE has been fully accredited according to the ISO 15189 norm since 2013 for both clinical and molecular pathology units.

The Biobank Côte d’Azur is a totally integrated structure that supports upstream activities in Clinical & Experimental Pathology and downstream activities in Molecular Pathology.

This expertise is shared over a multidisciplinary workforce

Our Ethics policy

Intrinsically linked to our quality policy for the management of biological resources, we attach great importance to ethics in the context of our activities.

Information is relayed to patients and their consent is a critical part of the process.

Samples cannot be used without patients’ agreement and when these samples are used in a research program, all patient data are strictly anonymous.

Patients are informed that part of the sample that will be removed during surgery may be frozen. The patient will systematically be given detailed information and must sign an informed consent form explaining the purpose of this freezing step. This informed consent is co-signed by the surgeon.

The patient has the right to refuse to sign these documents. He/she may, at any time, request additional information from the surgeon, his/her attending physician and, if necessary, the person in charge of the tumor library and the Biological Resources Centre.

Management System

The intrinsic quality of biological resources (samples and associated data) is at the heart of Biobank Côte d’Azur’s priorities. It represents the enhancement of collections conserved for research purposes. […]

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