Thoracic collection



Thoracic collection
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The thoracic collection is the largest in the Biobank Côte d’Azur, including tissue from the lung, pleura and mediastinum. As of 2018 it included: 35,639 tissue samples and 11,816 blood samples corresponding to 4,501 patients. It was decided not to limit the collection of tumor tissues and, furthermore, to also collect non-tumoral pathologies (inflammatory, pre-neoplastic, and dystrophic pathologies).


One of the strong features of this collection is the diversity of biosamples: frozen or paraffin-embedded tissue, biological fluids and derived products (nucleic acids and PBMC cells). In addition, the clinical data associated with the samples are enriched with a complete survey on personal and family history and exposures (smoking status and occupational exposure risks) as well as PET Scan data.

For each tissue sample, we store up to 5 healthy tissue fragments and 5 lesional tissue fragments at -80°C. For each tissue type, one of the fragments is dedicated to diagnostic use, and the others to research use. Additional tissue fragments may be included in paraffin (room temperature storage) and some may be included in the tissue blocks collection (storage at 4°C). The paraffin-embedded tissue blocks can, on request, enable the construction of collections dedicated to targeted pathologies as tissue microarrays (TMA).

Characterization by immunohistochemistry of paraffin-embedded tissue blocks can be performed on request, with a whole range of antibodies.

Liquid biopsies collections

For the liquid biopsies of the thoracic collection, plasma, whole blood, serum and platelets are collected from patient blood samples and stored at -80°C.
From the blood samples, PBMC cells are also extracted and stored in liquid nitrogen. We also collect urine samples, stored at -80°C.

Derivatives are also prepared from the samples: constitutional DNA (extracted from whole blood), RNA, DNA from the tumor and plasma circulating tumor DNA.

Identification of genetic alterations from tissues, blood samples or directly from nucleic acids can be performed on request.

                                                          Biobanque Nice COVID-19

In the current world  health crisis, scientific and medical  community is at the forefront of the fight against SARS-CoV-2. Since the Covid-19 outbreak The Nice Hospital biobank d'Azur (BB-0033-00025) is actively participating in this fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by collecting blood samples from COVID-19 patients.
In this context, a new  project of samples collection  called “Biobanque Nice COVID-19” has been set up at the Nice Hospital Biobank gathering bloodsamples from both Covid-19 positive patients and healthy volunteers. Some  samples have been dedicated to a research project for  early detection of immune response against the COVID-19; This collection is now available to academia and private companies to develop translational research projects on SARS-CoV-2 infection. These samples include blood derived products (plasma, serum and PBMCs), but will soon include  nasal and buccal secretions as well as cytological samples (from nasopharynx mucosae).

PBMCs are isolated from whole blood using the Ficoll separation method. Nasal and oral secretions are collected through pads, which are pressed in syringes and then parted in aliquots. All samples, constituted by 500 µl aliquots, are stored at -80°C, except for PBMCs which at stored in liquid nitrogen. Clinical information associated to the samples (including patient follow-up and treatment) are also available upon request.

The transfer of samples is subject to the applicable regulations and carried out contractually (via a material transfert agreement) between the Nice University Hospital and the end user who must specify the end use. Scientific collaboration can be also set up between the pulmonary department and/or the biobank of the Nice hospital center and the end user
For more information please submit directly a request to Pr. P. HOFMAN ( or through contact us


Sample Transfer

The Biobank Côte d’Azur offers a full range of bioservices to industry, academia and international consortia.

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The Biobank Côte d’Azur collects human samples associated with various organs and pathologies.

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