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Tissue platform

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Tissue platform

The Biobank Côte d’Azur collects human samples associated with various organs and pathologies.

For each of these, we collect various biosamples such as tissue fragments (lesional and peri-lesional tissues), biofluids and derived bioproducts.
Each sample is associated with patients’ data, sample preparation methods and different tests which are performed in our laboratory.

The tissue collections

The flagship collections of the Biobank Côte d’Azur are focused on thoracic, dermatological and thyroid pathologies. Another collection relating to ENT organs has also been established.

Most of the tissues collected relate to tumors, but many tissues also concern non-neoplastic diseases, inflammatory pathologies and infectious diseases.

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The Paraffin block library

The paraffin block library, as we call it within the Biobank, refers to a stock of paraffin blocks of tumor (mostly) and non-tumor pathologies for researchers.
It covers several collections of organs of interest (thoracic, dermatological and ENT). Made exclusively of paraffin blocks, they are stored at a temperature of 4° C in a dedicated refrigerator. Officially created in 2014, the paraffin block library also includes previous paraffin block collections that were subsequently included.
The paraffin block library is updated daily with an average of more than 740 new inclusions each year. It is obviously associated with a large amount of clinical and pathological data from patients.
30% of all blocks include healthy and damaged tissues.

Tissue MicroArray

The Tissue Microarrays (TMA) technique is based on the construction of new blocks (recipient blocks) from a collection of paraffin-embedded tissue blocks (donor blocks).  The new blocks (recipient blocks) contain several hundred cores from these histo-clinical characterized tissues.

This high-throughput technology allows the simultaneous study of protein expression profiles on a large number of tissue samples, from a single histological section of TMA block.


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