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BACK 04/03/2024


Feedback of Elena, a Romanian student experience in LPCE laboratory and Biobank.

Elena Mustea Mihai is a pathology resident from the Emergency County Hospital Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The LPCE laboratory was pleased to host her for an intership between the 15th of January to the 23rd of February.

Here her testimony:

"I had the incredible opportunity to undertake an internship at the “Laboratoire de Pathologie Clinique et Expérimentale” in Nice, Cote d’Azur, as part of the European Master in Molecular Pathology program.
From the moment I stepped into the laboratory, I was warmly welcomed by the entire team. Their support and guidance throughout my internship made my time there both productive and enjoyable.
During my internship, I had the privilege of delving into cutting-edge techniques and methodologies. Specifically, I had the chance to explore two different DNA-target enrichment strategies in next-generation sequencing, which deepened my understanding of genomic analysis. Additionally, I gained valuable insights into the workflow of testing for large panels in the context of comprehensive genomic profiling, which broadened my knowledge and skills in molecular pathology.
I would like to extend a special thank you to Caroline Lacoux for her exceptional patience and mentorship and for being a central part of my learning experience.
Thank you to the entire team for their hospitality, friendship, and support, and for making my internship a truly enriching and rewarding experience. I hope to meet you again very soon."


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