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BACK 24/08/2022


Feedback of Nora, a Turkish medical student experience in LPCE laboratory and Biobank

Nora Bagham is a 4th year medical student in Bezmialem University in
Istanbul, Turkey. LPCE laboratory was pleased to host her for an intership.

Here her testimony:

"My name is Nora Bagam and I’m a 4th year medical student in Bezmialem University in
Istanbul, Turkey. I was qualified for a scholarship in Erasmus+ Mobility Programme for
Traineeships in LPCE during summer 2022. Through my internship with LPCE, I have
gained a good amount of knowledge and experience about what being a pathologist is really
like in the real world. I spent 2 months under the guidance of incredible doctors and
engineers who were always pleased to share their knowledge with me. I can honestly say I
have learned something new every day as an intern such as different sequencing techniques
like the NGS which broadened my horizons, the whole procedure that a sample follows
through macroscopy to analysis under the microscope. As I continue my education in
medicine, I only imagine that this experience will be extremely useful for me to get the career
I wanted. I’ll leave this internship with deep appreciation to every member of LPCE for the
warm environment they created.
Kindest regards,


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