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BACK 17/02/2020

Europe biobank week 2019


This year the biobank week organized by the BBMRI-ERIC and the ESBB was held on Lubeck, in Germany.
Two members of our team had the opportunity to join this annual meeting: Carole SALACROUP and Kévin WASHETINE.
The major discussed topics were the quality assessment/ management of samples, the new international standard ISO 20387, data management, precision medicine, collaboration between academia, industry, government agencies, private partners, environment and artificial intelligence
Carole and Kévin had the opportunity to exhibit 3 posters presenting the work done in Biobank Côte d’Azur. The topics addressed were: - Creating a tissue biopsy collection from FFPE lung cancer samples beyond the initial clinical care objective: A new opportunity for research projects on late stage non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC).
- Establishing a collection of biological fluids from patients undergoing thoracic surgery for lung cancer: Why and how?
- Implementing the ISO 20387: The LPCE Biobank (BB-0033-00025, Nice, France) experience, transition from NF S96-900 to ISO 20387


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