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BACK 23/02/2021

University Côte d’Azur Merit-Based Scholarships to reward IDEX MSc students


For students, success most often lies in the ability to complete their academic career in a comfortable material environment. Still too many students with a high potential for success have to worry about earning a living while they are studying.
To encourage these excellent students to achieve serenely their academic career, a merit-based scholarship has been set up by the University Côte d’Azur.
An excellence scholarship of a maximum amount of 10 000€ per student will be offered as well as exemption from registration fees.

Who is Eligible
All University Côte d’Azur MSc applicants (first or second year).

Terms and conditions
Each student will have to compile a file indicating:
o Detailed academic results including at least the last two years of study.
o A detailed CV and its academic/professional project
o A motivation letter explaining how the choice of training meets the student's personal and professional project.
- Selected students for the scholarship will also be exonerate from inscription fees
- The scholarship will be issued in two phases: the first part corresponding to the half of the amount will be attributed at the beginning of the first semester once the inscription is registered. The second part will be attributed at the beginning of the second semester subject to a diligent attendance of the student to the courses.
- The Excellence scholarship will be attributed for the year under way but not automatically extended for the next year. The student will have to submit a new application.
- There is no age limit or nationality condition to access this scholarship
- This Excellence scholarship cannot be combined with another scholarship
- In the case of inscription cancellation, abandonment of the studies or unexplained repeated absences, the amount attributed must be refunded

How to Apply
A call for applications will be posted on the MSc website and the associated communication networks (UCA website, UCA social networks, Campus France and other platforms).
A pre-selection will be done by the MSc supervisors, and IDEX office will do the final selection of the candidates.
A student selected for a scholarship the first year of the MSc, can also candidate for the second year. The selection will depend on the result of the first MSc year and the feedback of the MSc supervisors


Selections of student candidates for the MSc IDEX Excellence Award will be made between June and July.


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