A Hospital-Integrated Biobank for excellence and reliability in research projects

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The Biobank Côte d’Azur is integrated into the Laboratory of Clinical and Experimental Pathology (LPCE) of Nice.

Created in 2004, the Biobank Côte d’Azur is a national and international health resource with unparalleled research opportunities, open to all bona fide health researchers, including academic and industrial collaborators.

Biobank Collections

The main collections of the Biobank Côte d'Azur are orientated on different tumor and non-tumor thoracic, thyroid and head and neck diseases as well as melanoma. These collections include both tissues (frozen, FFPE) samples and biological fluids (plasma, serum, urine).

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Nice University Hospital

The Biobank Côte d’Azur is integrated into the Nice University Hospital of the University Côte d’Azur. Indeed, the Biobank Côte d’Azur established many partnerships with public and private actors and offers a full range of bioservices to industry, academia and EU consortia.

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Multidisciplinary staff

This expertise is shared over a multidisciplinary staff, including 7 clinical and molecular pathologists, 8 engineers and technicians but also by an administrative team including one dedicated quality manager and 2 data managers.

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Based on its collections, the Biobank Côte d’Azur offers different services to be able to respond to several types of scientific and medical needs.

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We are dedicated to increasing the diversity of our partnerships with academia and industry. These partnerships have become especially relevant in the face of increasing economic pressure and global c[...]

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Research & Education

As part of the Nice University Hospital and the University Côte d’Azur, the Biobank Côte d’Azur is involved into international research projects and contributes to train the ne[...]

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Modern pathology requires the new generation of pathologists to assimilate a variety of aspects of biology. In addition to the essential morphological analysis of lesions, the development of molecular pathology leading to the analysis of more and more complex sequences, and of immunopathology, soon with the use of multiplexing immunochemical techniques, as well as the analysis of many biomarkers of liquid biopsies, have led pathologists to become both molecular biopathologists and immunopathologists.

The aim of the Biobank Côte d’Azur – and of the LPCE in a more global view - is to always optimize the quality of the analyses and of reports transferred to the clinician, but also to develop and participate in research projects of excellence.

Thereby, the Biobank Côte d’Azur has been committed to a quality approach in its services. It is accredited by the ISO 15189 norm and certified to the NF S96-900 standard. It offers large collections of biological samples for research and it is convinced that participation in national and international research projects contributes to innovation and technological development.

Paul Hofman, director of the LPCE

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